Tuesday, May 19, 2015

quick update

After thinking about the upcoming CTscan in August nonstop for almost a week I decided that I will fly to Pittsburgh to UPMC to have the scan and will see Dr. Bartlett face to face the same day. My awesome mom will be coming with me ;)  This way I will have answers the same day.  If I did the scan in Tampa I would have to get my oncologist to order the scans (which can occasionally be difficult) then I'd have to wait for the local radioligist to read the scan (and this is only preliminary since they are not specialized in the specific cancer) then I'd have to wait to get my hands on the disc and report, then I'd have to overnight the disc and report then I'd need to wait to hear from someone at Dr. Bartlett's office. For those of you who know me, you know I'm not very good with waiting.  I'm a do'er and I like to get information quickly.  I move at a fast pace and flying to Pittsburgh fixed all of the above. 

I had my local oncologist appointment today. Good news, all tumor markers are normal.  When he walked in he said something along the lines of "scan looked perfect"  Of course I questioned him about the "telescoping". He is not concerned, feels like it is totally transient and will resolve on it's own.  I told him of my plans to go see Dr. Bartlett given his (Dr. Bartlett's) opinion on the MRI. We had a lovely conversation about my current health, happiness and a positive outlook on a long life ahead.  My favorite part of the appointment was when he drew out what our cells do..... we concentrated on T-cells which branch off and form NK cells or natural killer cells.  He then told me to take 3 minutes a day and to meditate on my NK cells charging throughout my entire body and killing anything that is abnormal.  He said the NK cells are like Hyenas, they are literally beasts that destroy foreign cells.  I LOVE THIS.  I believe 100% in the power of intention and often invision organic food fueling and healing my body and lately I have been channeling the amazing amount of prayer and light you all have been sending me straight to my body.  I am so thankful that my oncologist also believes this does work. 

I am feeling good.  I had a few rough days but I think I've sorted through all the emotions and fear.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Positive thoughts

Easiest to just type away....... I spoke with someone from Dr. Bartlett's office.  Major kudos to them for following up with me so quickly.  Initially she called with great news, no disease scan again in 6 months but when I started asking questions we realized Dr. Bartlett hadn't reviewed the abdominal portion of the report or scan.  THIS IS PROOF AGAIN THAT AS A PATIENT, YOU MUST BE YOUR GREATEST ADVOCATE.  She had to call me back because he had to evaluate that report, which happened to be the area of concern.  This wasn't his fault but who ever scanned everything in did so incorrectly.  Whatever.

She called me back in less then in hour with news that I dread hearing.  The good: there is no apparent signs of the cancer being back.  Like, no mass or obvious tumor which I am incredibly grateful for.  But the bad: an area in my small intestines are telescoping (imagine a telescope going in) This could be totally transient and a fluke.  It could also be from the scar tissue that is likely in there from the 3 abdominal surgeries.  It could also be carcinomatosis, which is a super fancy word for cancer.   A Mucinous Neoplasm is a tricky cancer.  It's very hard to detect on scans which makes this extra frightening and brings back horrific memories from 2.5 years ago.  It's easy to say it's scar tissue, which is what she said it is likely from but fear is a powerful thing and just the 3 minute conversation has knocked me down a little.  But I will process through it and be back to myself as fast as possible.  I know I'm strong and healthy and no matter what will be ok.

So what does this mean..... They recommended a CT scan in 3 months with oral and IV contrast of my pelvis and abdomen.  This is different because I typically have MRIs (because there's minimal radiation with MRIs and a ton with CT scans) but CTs can give a clearer picture.  Maybe I should just switch to CTs.  Why 3 months.  I don't officially know but I'm assuming it's because this telescoping can resolve on it's own so to do the test now wouldn't give my body time to fix itself.  I asked a bunch of what if questions but those are useless until we know what's wrong.

As far as how I've been feeling.... I feel great.  I'm so happy and feel overall really good.  There are things that I notice if I look at myself under a microscope but I can never tell if it's something I need to be concerned over or if I ate something that upset my altered GI system.

This telescoping does put me at an increased risk of a bowel obstruction.  This would be AWFUL.  Painful, miserable, scary and life threatening.  I've had no issues and intend to keep it that way.

Please pray that this is nothing but a fluke and that I stay healthy.  I appreciate any positive thoughts, prayers, white light and good vibes you want to send my way.  Invision me healthy (Jenesa's Journey: Invision me well: )

Thank you in advance :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

scan results

I have unofficial results but haven't spoken to my oncologist or surgical oncologist yet.   I have an appt with my oncologist on Tuesday 5/19 and sent my surgical oncologist my scan and report today. I hope to hear from him by Friday.  It appears there are no signs of tumors but questionable "other" things that may need further investigation.  It's taking a lot of energy to not panic.  I'm doing ok and will worry when it's time to worry.  I'll update when I speak to one of the two doctors.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


I am emotionally flooded with gratitude, love and feeling completely reenergized.  Today is Mother's Day and I happily spent the day at the beach with my amazing mother and beautiful kids.  It was a perfect day.  The water was crystal blue and still.  Dolphins swam extremely close to where we were swimming.  It really was the perfect day at the beach.

Yesterday I returned home from a week in Puerto Morelos, Mexico.  I signed up for a Yoga retreat months ago on a whim,.  Nourish Your Soul with two incredible women as the retreat leaders.  I figured, why not?  I went into the week not knowing anyone and with very few expectations.  What I received was an incredible experience filled with relaxation, amazing yoga, emotional and spiritual healing, laughter, new friends, delicious food and many other non-tangible gifts.  I left feeling emotionally lighter.  I returned to the same life that sent me away extremely stressed and tired yet I feel completely optimistic and free.

Tomorrow I go in for blood work/tumor markers and Tuesday is my scan.  It had to be rescheduled due to incorrect orders.  The nervous feeling is somewhere in my mind but I have zero feelings of stress attached (if that makes any sense at all)

Here are a few photos from Mexico:

This was my favorite spot in the house!
Speaking of house, this is Casa Om.  

Two of the amazing women I met.

From the Gratitude Ceremony on the last night. 

 The entire group at the Tulum Mayan Ruins

I will post the results of the scan and blood work Wednesday or Thursday.