Monday, June 1, 2015

67 Days

Happy June 1st!!  Crazy that we are almost half way through 2015.  This year is flying by!!

I'm 67 days away from answers to my last scan.  I had a rough 7 days after the scan, then I was doing much better and I'm back in a bit of a gloomy mood.  I am still optimistic I am fine and that this is all just a fluke but fear is fighting its way back into my mind.

I'm going to use the next two months as an opportunity to concentrate on me.  Lots of reading, exercise, cleanse like eating, meditation, yoga, being outside, staying grounded and most importantly surrounding myself with the ones I love.  I was with my babies all weekend and will be with them for most of this week!  My best friend is flying in town next week for 3 nights too.  It's taking a lot of energy to remain positive and not let fear run my life so I will do whatever it takes to keep my mind right.

May was a month of travel for me.  I had an amazing time in Mexico and Israel but I'm looking forward to staying local for the summer.  (except for two work trips to Boston and Chicago).  Israel was a whirlwind.  7 total days away, only 5 in Israel.  Tila and I had a blast.  Tel Aviv is an amazing city.  The beach is amazing!  I loved visiting Ein Gedi!  Such a surprise for me.  The Dead Sea was an experience.  And Masada was unbelievable.  I enjoyed seeing the old city in Jerusalem too.  Here are a some photos from our trip.

At Tel Aviv Beach

Ein Jedi waterfalls

Ein Gedi

Dead Sea

off to dinner

Turkish Coffee in old Jerusalem

On top of the gate of the old city
at Masada

at Masada

with our awesome tour guide Inon!

Western Wall
in Jaffe