Thursday, August 13, 2015


Not only did the jejunal intussusception go away but the scan was no evidence of disease.  My scan in May showed that I had jejunal intussusception.  This was the first time anything abnormal presented since my diagnosis in Novemeber 2012 so it was really tough to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude since then.  I am SO thankful I managed to have a great summer because yesterday those magical, beautiful words were said to me by my specialist..."your scan looks great, everything is perfect and no more JI".  There are no words to describe the level of relief and euphoria I felt at that moment.  It's so humbling to receive that news when I know the patients in the rooms surrounding me are likely very sick.  It's a very surreal moment.

I had the scan around 2 and got to the appointment at 230.  We had to wait to see Dr B until after 5!  It's crazy how busy these cancer hospitals are.  My mom and I basically skipped and danced out of there and the second we got outside I received a frantic phone call from my sister.  She got home with Ava and Liam at 6 and found no Callie and my back door wide open.  I had some workers at my house at 10 and they must have accidentally let her out.  It was a horrible, sinking moment.  I could hear Ava crying in the background and I was totally helpless.  The worst part was Callie didn't have a tag on her collar.  Sean and I pass her back and forth and she recently got a new collar and her tags hadn't been added to it.  I even noticed earlier in the week and said out loud "I need to get you new tags!"  We blasted social media pages, lost doggie sites, craigslist, anything we could think of.  I live near two busy streets and I feared the worst but thank goodness a lovely couple picked her up around 3pmwhen it was pouring and tried to find us.... But since we didn't know she was missing until 6, they dropped her off at the humane society.  I picked her up as soon as I got back to Tampa and she came home with new tags AND a microchip.  We are so thankful!!

Needless to say yesterday was a day of high highs and a really brief low low.

I am so grateful for all of the positive thoughts and prayers.  I felt completely calm on Thursday and I know it is because I was wrapped up in all the light that was being sent my way.

Monday, August 10, 2015


I remember thinking "I have to wait 3 months to get answers and clarity?!?" back in May after my last scan and now the week is finally here. This summer has flown by and has been absolutely wonderful.  I have made the best out of having to wait for answers.  I made a decision to have the best summer possible and to maintain a positive attitude and I think I did a pretty good job;) 

I'll be working today and tomorrow and then I fly to Pittsburgh Wednesday with my mom.  I am so thankful she's coming with me.  I need to look at the schedule again but I have the CATscan around 12pm on Thursday and then an appointment immediately after with Dr. Bartlett to get the results of the scan.  Truthfully, I am nervous.  I am doing a great job dealing with the emotions, fear and anxiety of the unknown but I am a little scared.  I have kept myself busy this past weekend with close friends, fun activities and anything that makes me smile.

Please keep me in your prayers this week.  I (very much) appreciate positive thoughts, white light and any encouragement sent my way.  I will update this blog when I'm in Pittsburgh.