Sunday, June 29, 2014

no news still

I STILLLLLLLLL haven't heard from Dr. Bartlett regarding my scan but that's because they stil haven't received it.  The disc I overnighted to them was blank (SOOOOO annoying) and the disc the imaging center sent never arrived so I need to go pick up another disc and resend.

I did get some blood work back. I had to get one retested because it came back elevated.  I am supposed to omit a bunch of food out of my diet prior to the test, which I didn't and we are hoping that is why it was elevated.  I hope to get the new results back soon.  I am saving freaking out until those results come in elevated.

Another tumor marker came back normal, but the four times I've had it drawn the levels have been .6, 1.1, 2 and now 2.4.  normal is 0-6.  I am very concerned that it is going up every time.  I hope to hear Dr. Bartlett's take on that soon.