Thursday, November 19, 2015

3 years

3 years.  36 months.  1095 days.  I look at those numbers and cannot believe that much time has gone by since my entire life changed.  But, it has been an amazing 3 years/36 months/1095 days.  11/19/2012 my seemingly perfect life slapped me in the face.  What a humbling lesson I was given that day.  It took some time to pick myself back up but once I did, my life was not longer similar to going through the motions but instead so full.  I am so grateful for every single day.  I have been given 3 more years to love and cherish my two beautiful children.  I am in awe of the love I have for them and every day I spend with them I acknowledge that I am so blessed.

 12/2014 skiing in Vail 

3/2015 DC with my babes

 3/2015 NYC 

4/2015 my birthday luncheon with my gorgeous mom

5/2015 a festival with my sweet angel

5/2015 beach day with my love

yoga retreat in Puerto Morales, Mexico

5/2015 Israel with my sister

6/2015 family dinner

11/2015 Family photo by the talented Abby Griffith

and one more by Ms. Griffith

Thank-you for 3 years of well wishes, prayers and positive thoughts.