Tuesday, September 23, 2014

a quick hello

This year is going by ridiculously fast.  I can't believe it's almost October.  I vividly remember New Years day and really feel like it was yesterday.  So much has happened since my last post so I'll try to catch up a bit.

August was a busy month.  Ava and Liam wrapped up summer camp and Ava started first grade and Liam started his preschool class.  They both love school so much.  I had a big trip to San Fransisco and Napa/Sonoma planned for Hannah's bachelorette weekend and I came down with a horrible head cold the day before I left.  I rallied through the 6 day event and had a blast.  Northern California is amazing and I will go back any chance I can.  Over the last year I have rented an amazing home is South Tampa. I love that house so much buy knew I couldn't stay there forever.  I had been casually looking all year for a home to buy but every time I found one there was an offer on it already or it wasn't what I was looking for.  My Pilates instructor and friend found this adorable 1926 bungalow in the perfect location and all stars aligned and I closed on my new home earlier this month.  It's been stressful but the kids love it and I feel so blessed to have a home for Ava and Liam.  But the stress has gotten to me as I'm sick AGAIN!  This time it's in my chest and I feel awful but I can't really slow down because work is busy and Hannah's wedding is next weekend.  I'm resting as much as possible.  I'm not sure why but I have been sick so often this year.  I had the seasonal flu in early February, a bad case of strep throat in March, the Stomach bug in July, and this makes the 3rd cold.... it worries me that my immune system isn't keeping up but I do work in the health care environment and I have been on the go this year.   I've been thinking a lot about my upcoming scan in November.  It's odd to live in 6 month increments.  Life is good though.   Every day I am thankful for "today".   I count all of my blessing twice and can say I am enjoying life to the fullest.