Saturday, February 15, 2014

The most thankful...... ever!!!!

The past few days I have been extra thankful for my life.  Oddly, this past week was pretty stressful with normal life stuff but instead of letting thoses stresses bring me down or even stress me out, I was able to embrace all that is so perfect in my life.  It's such a great feeling to appreciate everything that life has to offer.  I'm so humbled that I can do this because I see so many people take so much for granted.  Lets all slow down and enjoy the little, tiny blessings we all have in our life!!!  (Like right now... I'm watching Liam and Ava eat their homemade blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes... Ava is dancing and singing the Frozen soundtrack and Liam is playing with his new favorite toy, Batman.  They are just the sweetest EVER!!)