Thursday, January 30, 2014

having the flu is for the birds

I have been plagued by the seasonal flu.  Such a bummer.  This is the first year I didn't get the flu vaccine and I got the flu.  Sigh!!!!!  That frustrates me so much.  Tuesday afternoon I started coughing and really felt a cold coming on directly into my chest.  Wednesday the cough was worse and I felt a lot worse and this morning I woke up with a 102 degree fever and felt really terrible. By 1130 my fever was 103 and I was absolutely miserable.  A little motrin and Tamiflu and I'm actually feeling a little better.

I am praying the kids don't get it!!!!  They have started on Tamiflu also so fingers crossed.

I'll be feeling 100% in no time.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


What a way to start 2014.  Jonna, one of my closest friends and roommate from FSU and I decided to travel across the country to cheer on The Florida State Seminoles Football team in the BCS National Championship game. I had never been to a BCS bowl game.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity and perfect timing.

She and I met in Las Vegas on Thursday night.  Getting there was such an ordeal.  With the storms in the the NorthEast and MidWest many flights were canceled, including MINE!!!! So I bought another one way ticket on a different airline, which also got delayed and I had to be switched to a different flight.  BUT, I made it.  Even though we were only in Vegas for 36 hours, we had a blast!!!  Here are a few photos from Sin City!!!!!!

At Hakkasan at the MGM Grand

We left VERY early Saturday morning for LA.  We stayed at a fabulous hotel off Sunset Ave and had a well needed brunch when we arrived.  We even had a quick work out before we headed off to Rodeo Dr. all decked out in our GARNET and GOLD!!!! We had lunch at BLVD at the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel and walked around Rodeo Drive high fiving fellow FSU fans and teasing Auburn fans as we passed them.  It was just so much fun!  

Many hotels, bars and restaurants had FSU events throughout the weekend.  We seemed to make it to many of them :)  Our first stop was at the SLS Hotel.  We had so much fun running into people we hadn't seen in years. I even got to see my cousin who I hadn't seen in years.  Such fun!!!

Sunday started off with an AMAZING hike at Runyon Canyon. If you go to LA you must do this hike.  It's about 3 miles long and it's reasonably challanging.  I absolutely loved it. It was so peaceful and beautiful.  I really, really enjoyed it. 

After we finished the hike we walked to an organic/vegan cafe and had lunch. You know I was on cloud 9!!  After that we got dressed for the night and went to FOUR different FSU events. 

This was at PEARL.  Definitely recommend this restaurant.  So cool and yummy. 

Next up was GAME DAY. We had a party bus scheduled but 4 minutes in the driver hit a curb and blew the tire!!!!!  Jonna, myself and 3 others jumped in an Uber SUV and headed to the Rose Bowl.  We made it!!!  Jonna and I went to the FSU booster tailgate and wondered around for a bit.  

When we got to our seats we were so shocked!!!  How amazing are these seats!!!  Thank you Newlin Family!!!!! 

The game was unbelievable.  We were so close we could barely see when the ball was on the other side of the field so we spent a lot of time looking at the jumbotron.  Speaking of the jumbotron, apparently we were on it a bunch.   Probably because we were having the time of our life and a mini party in the FSU endzone section.  The end of the game was absolutely one of the most exciting things I've ever seen LIVE!!!!!!!  After the game was over, many of the players ran over and we were in the front row at that point.  It was amazing!!!!!!

This photo taken by Getty Images has been published in many online articles. 

    Perhaps the only thing more present in the air at the Rose Bowl than confetti after the thrilling conclusion to BCS National Championship Game was the palpable joy of Florida State players, coaches and fans. There were hugs, smiles, shouts, leaps into the crowd and even a few tears as the Seminoles…

And a few others including the LA TImes,  a video on ESPN and this video on you tube.  Who are those two goofballs at 1:10 in the video?  hahahahahahaha

I feel so blessed to have experienced all of this.  I took none of it for granted and feel like it was food for my soul.  Thank you Jonna for a great trip.  I love you!!!

GOOOOOOOO NOLESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!