Friday, April 24, 2015

that time again

It's that time again!  Scan day is 4/30.  I can't believe it's time again, but I do live in these 6 months increments between scans.  I'm feeling ok.  Of course my heart dropped immediately as I scheduled the scan but I'm feeling ok.  Technically Dr. Bartlett doesn't think I need the scans every 6 months anymore but because of the carcinoid I have 6 month scans for another 2.5 years.  I can barely wrap my head around it being 2.5 years since diagnosis.  Craziness.

Life has been really great.  I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I had a wonderful day spent with family and friends.  Spring time is my favorite time of the year and 2015's spring has been delivering.  I have spent many days with the kids at the beach, been to so many fun events and I am heading to Mexico in less than two weeks for a yoga retreat.  I am so excited.

I'll definitely write again after the scan results are in and after my trip.

Stay well.